FCO Recruitment Banner Campaign

These are recruitment ads for a very specific type of person. They ran as banners on sites like economist.com and FT.com. There were no obvious contact details, so people had to read to read on to find out who they were for.

But seeing as you're a jury member we'll tell you: They're for MI6. For those not au fait with the world of espionage, MI6 is a branch of the British Secret Service. Now we'll have to kill you.

What are you waiting for?

A change? A challenge? Or do you never wait for anything? After all, people with drive don't wait, do they? They go out and get. Waiting is passive. Boring. A waste of time.

But wait. Is that always the case? Is waiting for someone or something that could change your life, the lives of others and even the safety and security of a whole country dull?

You've read this far. You're in a minority. Fewer than 10% of people ever interact with digital banners, especially ones that don't tell you what they're for.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you from scrolling down to the end, but will you miss something? You see we're looking for men and women who can handle detail. You see, we don't care what sex you are or where you're from. We don't even care what you do now, only what you can do.

That said you're probably already successful. Your bosses may even have you ear-marked for promotion. But there's something missing: A nagging feeling that you could be doing something more worthwhile. Something more rewarding, but not simply in a financial way.

Well, that paragraph will have lost us a few more readers. But you're still with us. Good. Hopefully that means you're the contradictory sort of person we might be interested in: Dynamic, but patient. A team player that can work with complete autonomy. Someone who can form strong relationships, yet thrive in the isolation of a foreign country. A British national with the cultural sensitivity to seamlessly integrate into the day-to-day society of a different country. Someone with a consuming political curiosity, who believes in the importance of promoting and protecting British interests, both at home and abroad.

By reading between the lines, you've probably guessed what we're after. But we're not interested in people who trust to guesswork, so you can find out the facts about working for MI6 here. We're nearly at the end, so to get this far you're hopefully interested in what you've read. You may even be considering applying. You may feel like talking to friends or family about this. That's completely natural and will end your application process before it's even started. So if you want to discuss applying, discuss it with us and no one else.

Would you like to know more?